​”And when we see what there is before us, what 30 years of victory of the others have done. This anarchy in the world. This collapsing of the white race. This desertion throughout the universe. When we see in our own countries, the breakdown of morals, the fall of the homeland, the fall of the family, the collapse of the social order. When we see the appetite of material goods which has replaced the great flame of the ideal that animated us. Well, really, between the two, we chose the right side. The little wretch of Europe today, with this common tinpot market, it can not give happiness to mankind, the consumer society rotting humanity instead of elevating it. So the rest of us at least, we have dreamed of something marvelous. And we have only one desire, that this spirit could be reborn. And with all my strength until the last moment of my life, I will fight for this. For what was our fight and our martyrdom shall be one day the Resurrection!” – Léon Degrelle 
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