The Runnymede Trust, a Jewish Created Genocidal Fifth Column Inside Britain

From their own website:

‘Runnymede is the UK’s leading independent race equality think tank. We generate intelligence for a multi-ethnic Britain through research, network building, leading debate, and policy engagement.’

The Runnymede Trust is an organisation that was founded by two Jews, Anthony Lester and Jim Rose in the aftermath of the Enoch Powell Rivers of Blood speech in 1968. Its primary goal is the gradual displacement of the indigenous white European majority by recreating Britain in their desired non-white ‘multicultural/multiracial’ image which is presented as being ‘beneficial’ to the them.

The image they want to recreate is not of a white British nation synonymous with British and earlier history, but a demographically and socially engineered multiracial nation in which the indigenous population are to be disenfranchised and displaced and who are becoming just one racial and cultural group among many leading to their eventual minority status in the land of our racial ancestors. The racial and cultural ancestry and heritage of the British people, is being replaced with the Genocidal policy of a socially constructed multiracial Britain brought about by special interest groups who financially influence politicians and who see the weakening of the white majority as being in their interests.

The Runnymede Trust is a hostile fifth column inside Britain which supports the demographic Genocide of the indigenous British people and seeks to use British institutions to achieve its aims. It was founded by two Jews specifically to attack the racial and cultural identity of the British people through supporting the creation by politicians and policy makers, of a multiracial Britain through mass immigration. This is done for the specific interests of Jews as a group who see an homogeneous Britain as a potential threat to their predominance in media and finance and by extension politics which they have worked to secure through ethnic networking over the centuries since being let back into Britain in the 1600s. The Trust was a Jewish counter movement against the white majority who had heard the wise and prophetic words of Enoch Powell. They feared a white working class backlash against the policies which they, the Jews, supported.

Metapedia describes the Runnymede Trust as follows:

‘The Runnymede Trust is a Cultural Marxist hate group founded by Jewish supremacists, Anthony Lester and Jim Rose, to facilitate institutionalised demographic genocide against white people in the United Kingdom. The two Jews who founded the Runnymede Trust shortly after Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech in 1968, seek a program very similar to those which their tribe carried out in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and Poland under Bolshevism—the socio-economic disenfranchisement of white people in general, but the working-class in particular, with the ultimate aim of their total destruction.’ (1)

In 1998 the Runnymede trust set up ‘The Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain’, the commission, chaired by Lord Bhikhu Parekh, came to be known as ‘The Parekh Report’. (2)

The report was launched in 2000 by then Home Secretary Jack Straw (Jew.) It was funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Paul Hamlyn being a Jewish man whose real name is Paul Bertrand Wolfgang. (3)

The report, which is page after page of pro multiracial Genocidal propaganda, states that:

‘Britishness and Englishness are racially coded terms with a Whites-only connotation…A rethinking of the nation’s self-image is needed…’

‘Britishness, as much as Englishness, has systematic, largely unspoken, racist connotations… it is widely understood that Englishness, and therefore by extension Britishness, is racially coded. The unstated assumption is that Britishness and whiteness go together like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding…’

To be English, as the term is used, is to be white… The absence from the national curriculum of a rewritten history of Britain as an imperial force, involving dominance in Ireland, Africa, the Caribbean and Asia, is proving to be an unmitigated disaster… There ain’t no black in the Union Jack”.

This is so transparently anti-white and anti-British that it is impossible not to see it for what it is. It is a report that aims to recreate Britain in the very minds of its indigenous population through systematic brainwashing and in practice through campaigning for and promoting multiracialism through mass immigration.

The report targets the historic racial and cultural identity of the British people by equating that racial and cultural identity with ‘racism’ and the cure for this according to the report, is to change what it means to be British in the minds of the British themselves. It doesn’t matter what some poxy report written by these agenda driven anti-whites says, to be truly British is to be of white European racial heritage. True British identity is NOT Asian, it is NOT African and it is NOT Jewish. No amount of Genocidal intentions will ever change that reality, and no amount of cultural and land appropriation will change that fact. If you change the racial and cultural population of any nation, then that nation ceases to exist in any meaningful way.

In his preface to the report, Bhikhu Parekh states that: ‘every society needs to be cohesive as well as respectful of diversity, and must find ways of nurturing diversity while fostering a common sense of belonging and a shared identity among its members. (5)

This is typical of those who push for ‘racial diversity’ and who are given the job of writing such reports. It is all about the concessions that we the indigenous population have to make in order to accommodate and facilitate the creation of this ‘multi-ethnic Britain’ in which the majority indigenous population gradually disappears beneath the rising tide of ‘diversity’. Why do we need to be ‘respectful of diversity’ when it is geared towards our displacement? It is the indigenous British population that is being forced to accept enforced racial and cultural change through state enforced ‘diversity’ as supported by people like Parekh. Notice that he isn’t pushing for ‘racial diversity’ in his own ancestral homeland, he is pushing for it in ours. These people see ‘racial diversity’ ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘mass immigration’ as demographic weapons to be used against us. What they support is demographic terrorism designed to achieve long term goals.

Those preaching this self-serving propaganda are demanding that the host population deny its own racial and cultural history and adopt this new and enforced interpretation of what they want YOU to think Britain is about. They want us to ‘nurture’ diversity, ie help it develop, they want us to promote it, and they want us to actively change the racial and cultural identity of Britain, that’s what they mean by the creation of a multiethnic Britain, which in reality means a multiracial Britain. They want us to apathetically believe that we have a ‘shared identity’ with the millions of racial and cultural aliens brought to our shores to displace us. They don’t want us to look at ourselves as a group separate from the rest with interests specific to us. They want us to deny our existence and become part of the ‘multicultural’ masses which eventually leads to our displacement as a group which is something they don’t want you to be aware of.

Some 30 years before this report in 1969, the landmark ‘Colour and Citizenship’ report was published by Runnymede’s Founder Jim Rose (Jew), and the Parekh Report sought to provide a similarly comprehensive and wide-ranging overview. (4)

The 1969 ‘Colour and Citizenship’ report, available on Amazon, received the following comments by a reviewer who wasn’t impressed with what he had read:

‘Part of the covert Jewish push for immigration into the UK; interested people will find it worth owning a copy, because of the thorough going anti-British content. This is a hefty tome and interesting as part of the deliberate programme of subverting Britain. I give it 4 stars for importance – the content is contemptible.

The Runnymede website in its introduction to the Parekh report states that:

‘The very language used to describe and define race relations in Britain is a source of considerable conceptual and political muddle. Such terms as ‘minority’ and ‘majority’ signify fixed blocs and obscure the fluidity and heterogeneity of real life. The term ‘ethnic group’ traps the group concerned into its ethnicity, and suppresses both its multiple identity and its freedom of self-determination. The term ‘integration’ is even more misleading, as it implies a one-way process in which ‘minorities’ are to be absorbed into the non-existent homogeneous cultural structure of the ‘majority’.

This paragraph clearly shows the motivation of those behind it. Before the socially constructed multiracial society that has been forced upon the indigenous British people, we did have an homogeneous society and we did have a fixed majority bloc of white Europeans. What Britain is today, is an artificial fake misrepresentation of what British identity really is. The term ‘integration’ is a misleading deception, there is no ‘integration’ whatsoever, just forced assimilation backed up by specially constructed race laws that are designed to keep the indigenous population in shackles whilst their country and identity are being destroyed. Integration is facilitation, and can never be viewed as a strategy to promote if you are truly concerned with the preservation of your people racially. 

Integration means acceptance of what has been done, integration is complicity in the Genocidal crimes of the government, the left and their international financier handlers.

It is the indigenous British population who are losing out, it is we who are losing our identity, it is we who are losing our nation, our culture and our society to this unnatural, enforced and Genocidal multiracial construct. It is the indigenous British people being dictated to about how our country is to be. We haven’t been asked, we never gave our consent for anybody to transform Britain into a conglomeration of the worlds majority races and cultures in OUR ancestral homeland who are collectively displacing us with the full support of the establishment.

This has been forced upon us, it has been no accident and it has been in the specific interests of one particular group. It wasn’t Muslims who opened our borders, it wasn’t Africans who opened our borders. The group behind the opening of British borders to mass third world immigration are the same group to which the founders of the Runnymede Trust belong. Sure there are politicians who are doing the bidding of these people, but the hidden hand remains the same. For example, under Tony Blair mass immigration reached unprecedented levels in Britain, and Blairs immigration minister was a Jewish woman named Barbara Roche not to mention the prominent role that Jack Straw another Jewish extremist had in the Blair government. Blair was also heavily financed by Jews as is the case right across the political process across the West.

Realising the Vision?

The Runnymede website also states that:

‘Finally, racism, understood either as division of humankind into fixed, closed and unalterable groups or as systematic domination of some groups by others, is an empirically false, logically incoherent and morally unacceptable doctrine.’

This is a pathetically weak attempt at denying the reality of race as part of true human racial diversity and thousands of years of evolution. What they want people to believe, is that race doesn’t matter, and that it is so ‘insignificant’ that it shouldn’t be considered as the basis for a society to be built upon. They want white Europeans to totally ignore, deny and betray their racial heritage and embrace their own racial annihilation by accommodating the agenda driven multiracial deception. This sort of narrative is not being forced on Africans in Africa, it is not being forced on Asians in Asia, it is not being forced on Jews, it is only being forced onto White Europeans and this fact alone should be enough for people to realise what really lies behind it.

The stated aim of the Runnymede Trust is to ‘promote a multiracial Britain.’ This is a statement of Genocidal intent, yet people cannot see it because the Genocidal intent is wrapped up in fancy sounding buzzwords like ‘diversity’ and ‘enrichment,’ but if this multiracial experiment is so great, then why are they not promoting it in Africa? Asia? Israel? 

Why is it only promoted in nations where White Europeans were once in the majority? Declining birth rates isn’t a good enough answer, because you don’t have to racially replace an entire population to make up for shortage in the workforce, what a nonsensical argument that is. ‘Declining birth rates’ and the ‘economy’ are not justifications for Genocide.

Despite the majority of whites being so dumbed down that they cannot see the blatantly obvious attack upon them, the crimes of those imposing this upon us will be judged by history and white people of the future, the world over, will rightfully look back on the enablers of this Genocide as being the absolute worst of the worst. The treachery we see today will be the inspiration for our future generations to never let this happen again. You traitors will be their motivation, they will not want to repeat the same idiotic mistakes that so many of their unworthy forebears made.

The current chairman of the Runnymede organisation is Clive Jones CBE, it stands to reason that his worldview and his ideological affiliations would be reflected in him and his motivations would be towards the advancement of that worldview. He is a graduate of the LSE (London School of Economics established by the Fabian Society.) It is also safe to say that in his prominent role in British television, his worldview would be pushed via this influential propagandistic tool. His anti-white anti-British mentality would no doubt be pushed through this avenue at his disposal.

Having read all of the above, remember that the subversive Runnymede trust was founded by two Jews who wanted to see Britain irreversibly changed from a racially and culturally homogeneous society, into a multiracial society in which the indigenous majority would gradually be consumed by other races with higher birth rates and a continuing open door immigration policy that further added to the quagmire that is enforced multiculturalism. Remember that the then Jewish Home Secretary Jack Straw, who launched the report in 2000, was a prominent member of the Labour government under Tony Blair which opened up British borders to mass immigration in order to make Britain ‘truly multicultural’ as the Parekh report openly states its intention to do.

The Runnymede Trust sponsored report on the future of a ‘multiethnic Britain’ is a subtle manual of racial warfare which is to be waged in education, media, politics and the legal system. It specifically isolates the white community, and is geared towards the eventual displacement and total dispossession of whites as a majority who are not in control of their own destiny.

A prime example of the contradictory hypocrisy and agenda driven narrative of the report can be seen in the following two passages:

‘Britishness as much as Englisness, has systematic, largely unspoken racial connotations. Whiteness nowhere features as an explicit condition of being British, but it is widely understood that Englishness, and therefore by extension Britishness, is racially coded.’ page 38

‘Racism and xenophobia are also exacerbated by insecurities about national identity. They have to be addressed through rethinking concepts of Englishness and Britishness, and through education, the media and culture and political leadership.’ page 59

The anti-white agenda in those words should be self-evident. It says that Englishness and Britishness have ‘white racial connotations’ and are therefore racially coded as being white. Then it goes on to say in a later chapter that we must ‘rethink concepts of Britishness’. What they really mean is that they intend to change Englishness and Britishness from being racially coded as white, into being racially coded as multiracial. Again, this is an attack on the historical racial identity of the indigenous population. It is the intentional and ideologically motivated transformation of the historic racial and cultural identity of the ancient people of the British Isles. It also brazenly tells us how they are going to do this, ie through the media, education, culture and politics. This is Fabian style gradulism and Frankfurt School inspired subversion which leads to silent Genocide.

The ‘anti-racist’ narrative that dominates the pages of the Parekh report, sees racism as an exclusively white problem in which only non-whites can be victims. It does mention so-called ‘anti-Irish racism,’ but doesn’t consider racism against the white non-Irish population as being a definable category of what the report calls ‘racisms,’ ie the idea that Britain has different forms of racism, and so racism becomes plural, with each group being allocated their own terms. Except for the majority white population that is, because essentially, the report is working towards the dispossession of the for now, white majority, and the expropriation of our ancestral homeland for their new multiracial non-white community. As a result of this reality, whites cannot be allowed to have legitimate grievances or interests at all, let alone be able to jump on board the victim bandwagon which is exclusively for non-whites and is being steered to run right over us.

Another example of the blatant anti-white agenda in the report is the repeated reference to the Stephen Lawrence case, and how Muslims don’t feel ‘Islamophobia’ is being tackled strongly enough as opposed to the tackling of anti-black racism. Absolutely no mention anywhere of any white victims of racist murder, no mention of the rising racist attacks on whites or the blatantly obvious anti-white propaganda that dominates the media and entertainment industries. As stated earlier, the Parekh report, sponsored by the Runnymede Trust, and founded by two Jewish supremacists, is a manual of subversive racial warfare. It states openly the desire to create and promote a ‘multiethnic Britain’ and blatantly alludes to the fact that in their mind, whites have no future as a cohesive group in our own historical homeland.

There is so much more that could be written about this that it would require a second blog post. So at some point there will be another post about the subversive and anti-white Runnymede Trust. I have obtained a copy of the Parekh report which will I’m sure be a treasure trove of anti-white propaganda to be exposed.

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(5) The Parekh Report


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