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SCM Badges and Stickers

Smash Cultural Marxism is a small, independent and alternative media outlet that has been censored repeatedly on Facebook, has had our website attacked and still we continue to try and bring a message to the people of European descent across the world. We seek to play our part in the reawakening of European consiousness in an age of forced mass immigration and multiculturalism that is being imposed only on European nations.

If you support what we do and would like to help us remain online then please consider making a donation or purchasing some stickers or a badge. Your help is both very important and greatly appreciated.

Please state which stickers you want when making your payment. Stickers are priced at £5.00 for 50 plus £2 postage. Any orders over 50 will require an extra £1 postage due to the weight increasing the cost of postage. 1 batch of 50 stickers therefore will cost £7.00

Please state which stickers you want when ordering:



SCM Logo


For Nationalism Against Globalism 


Anti EU





Defend Your Heritage UK

Defend Your Heritage USA

Badges are also priced at £5.00 plus £2 postage outside of the UK.

Your donations and purchases help us to continue speaking truth to power and enable us to engage in the war of ideas that is so crucial to the future of our people. For if we win the hearts and minds of our people with common sense arguments based on facts and emotion then we stand a better chance of securing for our people a better future than the one that is currently being created.


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