SCM Badges & Stickers

Badges will be priced at £5 plus £2 postage.

All donations over £10 will automatically receive a badge or stickers.

We also currently have 4 different sticker designs available:

Anti EU



Defend Your Heritage UK

Defend Your Heritage USA Coming Soon

Please state which stickers you want when making your payment. Stickers are priced at £6.99 for 50 plus £2 postage. Any orders over 50 will require an extra £1 postage due to the weight increasing the cost of postage. 1 batch of 50 stickers therefore will cost £8.99

Pay Here

Coming soon will be SCM & Occidental Revival t-shirts.
The reason we have decided to start having items produced for sale is because others have taken it upon themselves to produce SCM merchandise and so it makes sense for us to produce things seeing as we put the hard work in and it doesn’t seem right that others are using our name and popularity to make money.

Your donations and purchases really do help us out and and we appreciate it.