SCM is NOT Linked to any Group or Organisation

Once again we are having to make a statement about SCM not being a street protest group and not being linked to any other political organisations let alone proscribed groups. We exist merely as an alternative news source offering up for consideration different viewpoints and alternative narratives that are not allowed or considered in the mainstream. We seek to provide an alternative explanation about what is happening across the West and do not organise, participate in, or plan to organise or participate in demonstrations.

Any individual displaying SCM placards or banners on demonstrations have no connection to SCM whatsoever and so any links made to the groups holding the demonstrations are therefore invalid and incorrect. We do not hold demonstrations and we do not attend demonstrations.

Something like this for example could wrongly be construed as SCM being part of this demonstration and falsely linked to the organisation holding it when we had no knowledge of this demonstration or any participation in it.

The individual carrying this placard is not representing SCM, and any individual possibly engaging in criminal behaviour whilst carrying SCM placards or banners would therefore be misrepresenting us. Not that this person is engaging in criminal activity, but just to make the point that people should not be using our name or logo on demonstrations because it could be used against us and because we haven’t asked anybody to represent us on demonstrations.

We would appreciate it if people refrained from using Smash Cultural Marxism logo’s on demonstrations especially when we have nothing to do with them. It makes a false connection between us and whatever group is holding the demonstration.