SCM Stickers

Our stickers have proven to be really popular and have been sent out across the world. Your purchasing of stickers and your donations not only helps us to keep the website going, but also enables us to spend more time writing things for the site, and to potentially be able to have other SCM things produced. If enough donations come in we will have SCM badges made and hopefully t-shirts.

Stickers are priced at £6.99 for 50 plus £2 postage. So one batch of 50 will require a payment of £8.99. For every 50 stickers over the first 50 an extra £1 is required due to weight so 100 stickers would require £3 postage and so on.

All donations over £10 will receive a free batch of stickers.

Payments can be made to the paypal link below along with a note saying how many you want

SCM Paypal

Thanks for all of your support it is greatly appreciated.