Soros funded left-wing policy institute linked to Neo-Nazi movie ‘Imperium’

George Soros

In what will come as no surprise to many, prolific superjew George Soros, the compulsive funder of everything ‘progressive’, from black lives matter, the homosexual agenda, gender studies, open borders, EU election rigging NGOs and war in Ukraine, has a link to new Hollywood Nazi film ‘Imperium’.

The inspiration for Jew Daniel Radcliffe’s character, Nate Foster, is former FBI man and film writer Michael German, who works for the ACLU and is a fellow at Soros funded left-wing policy institute The Brennan Center for Justice.

The film, directed by Jew Daniel Ragussis, is not much different from other Hollywood Neo-Nazi movies. They take real world concerns and equate them with fanatical conspiracy theorists and mass murder. Although they do feature, it differs slightly in that they focus more on the well spoken, intelligent, family men rather than the usual knuckle dragging, alcoholic, inept skinheads the industry loves to promote.

It’s a movie worth watching, but obviously to be taken with a pinch of salt. I wouldn’t recommend paying for it, though.


We have a full article on the movie coming soon.

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