Straight White & Proud? That’s ‘Vile’ & ‘Intimidating’ Apparently

“Vile, intimidating” posters purportedly “spreading hate” against racial and LGBT communities have been found on lampposts in Camberley and Farnborough – including two discovered outside a school.

The black and white images show the silhouette of a family of four with the slogan “straight, white and proud” emblazoned in capital letters.

Residents have taken to social media to complain about the posters, with some users branding them “vile” and “incredibly distressing”.

Source getsurrey

You would think that in 2017 it would be absolutely fine to proclaim ones pride in their ethnic and sexual identity. I mean, blacks can be proud to be black, and homosexuals can be proud to be homosexual, if you are both black and homosexual then even better as far as the society we live in is concerned.

This facade of ‘tolerance’ however doesn’t extend to white heterosexuals who are deemed as being “vile” if they state that they are proud of their race and sexual identity. Would it be acceptable to declare ones pride in being black and straight? Probably. It is only the white part that they dislike and even more so being white and straight.

The ‘tolerance’ deception basically means INTOLERANCE for white heterosexuals and the nuclear family whilst encouraging tolerance for those who are not white, who are not heterosexual and who due to their sexual identity cannot naturally create a family.

They go on about homosexuals and blacks being ‘oppressed’ and that’s why it is ok for them to show ‘pride,’ yet they say nothing about the oppressed children forced into same-sex households as ideological trophies for the militant homosexual agenda. What about their rights?

They say nothing about the history of whites being enslaved by North Africans, they conveniently leave that uncomfortable bit of history out of their narrative on oppression.

The Cultural Marxist assault on Western Civilisation has been waged against the white heterosexual male and the nuclear family, these stickers allude to that fact and that’s why they have reacted so outrageously to them.

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