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Support Mass Immigration and the destrcution of your culture and identity because of the ‘holocaust’

A new holocaust memorial is to be erected outside the houses of parliament to remind us that ‘our British values of tolerance and equality are coming under threat’ and so that we ‘never forget’ about what we are told happened during WW2.

The holocaust narrative serves as the preeminent shaming and moral guilt tripping tool of our globalist overlords. As soon as anybody speaks out against the multicultural madness or when an unorthodox non-conformist political party starts to achieve electoral success by resonating with the people with a sound, rational and logical message of truth, then the holocaust is wheeled out and is used like a stick to beat people who dare to believe that mass immigration is in fact not a good thing or that multiculturalism is detrimental to the social and cultural well-being of nations.

The peoples of Europe are expected to meekly and passively accept their own displacement and are expected to keep quiet about it. They are constantly reminded of the holocaust and are led to believe that any manifestation of racial advocacy and opposition to globalist inspired mass immigration will result in gas chambers and the widespread oppression of so-called ‘minority groups.’

This holocaust memorial will serve as a tool of psychological manipulation to browbeat the British people into feeling shame and immoral for daring to think in their own best interests.

We are told that there is a ‘better future’ that awaits us if we reject our identity and ignore the disastrous results of open borders the observable realities of which we see every single day. We are told that pursuing interests as a specific group is dangerous and is what led to the ‘worst crime of the 20th century.’ This logic only applies to Europeans however, as every other group is actively encouraged to pursue their own interests vigourously.

It is ‘hugely important’ we are told, that ‘while the last Holocaust survivors are still with us, that we do everything in our power to ensure future generations hear their stories and understand the terrible consequences of hatred, prejudice and intolerance…’

Again, alluding to the holocaust narrative to morally shame anybody opposed to forced mass immigration and its consequences. If you think mass immigration is a bad thing for your country then they want you to see that as being ‘hateful prejudiced and intolerant’ and we all know where that leads….to the ‘gas chambers.’ So best you remain quiet while they continue your genocidal demographic replacement.


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