Swedish Leftist and Advocate of ‘Equality’ Beheaded in the Congo

Zaida Catalán was a Swedish politician who was a member of the Green Party and leader of the Young Greens of Sweden between 2001 and 2005. She was known for her work in animal rights, equality and the sex purchase law.

Two United Nations investigators have been found dead with their interpreter in the Democratic Republic of Congo more than two weeks after they disappeared.

Their identities were confirmed as UN experts Michael Sharp, from the US, Zaida Catalán, from Sweden, and their Congolese aide Betu Tshintela.

Villagers discovered their bodies in shallow graves near a river in central Kasai province. A government official said: “The woman was beheaded.”

Source: Standard 

Let this be a warning to you that the world is not a safe place and that equality is non-existent in the real world. Let it be a warning that not all cultures are equal and that importing different cultures and races into your homeland is not only unnatural, but extremely naive and dangerous. Use this as an example to show your children who are thinking of going down the same road as this woman politically and ideologically.

This is the logical outcome of the unnatural leftist mindset, this is where her belief in ‘equality’ and ‘anti-racism’ got her. This is what pathological altruism brings you. I’m not going to mock this woman and say that she deserved it, she is a victim despite her misguided worldview, but at the same time she failed to heed the warnings and would have no doubt still been an advocate of multiculturalism, mass immigration and the allowing ‘refugees’ into Europe no matter how many European people became victims as a result.

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