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The Convenient Cheddar Man Narrative as Justification for the Racial Transformation of Britain

The recent ‘revelation’ that the first Briton was ‘black’ seems to me to be a wholly fallacious attempt at justifying what has been done to Britain via mass non-white immigration over the last 70 years. Without going into the so-called ‘science’ that has been presented as fact, let’s just consider for a moment some of the more logical reasons why this portrayal of ‘ancient Brits’ as being ‘black’ is more likely to be ideologically motivated than rooted in actual science. The growing public awareness of and disdain for ...

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Population Growth Puts Strain on the NHS No Mention of Mass Immigration

Professor Ted Baker, The new Chief Inspector of Hospitals in England has said in an interview with the telegraph that: “The model of care we have got is still the model we had in the 1960s and 70s…The one thing I regret is that 15 or 20 years ago, when we could see the change in the population, the NHS did not change it’s model of care.” Notice how there is no mention of mass immigration as being the cause of the strain on the NHS? It has ...

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Oswald Mosley Against Jewish Behaviour

The message from Sir Oswald Mosley regarding Jews was straightforward. They opposed those Jews who put Jewish interests ahead of British interests. They opposed the Jewish interests prominent in International finance that used Britain for its own agenda. They opposed those Jews who identified as Communists and who attacked their meetings. They were against those Jews who were determined to drag Britain into a war with Germany not in the British interest, but in the Jewish interest. They opposed Jews for their behaviour not because they were Jews. ...

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