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Nationalist Solutions: Be the answer not the sterotype

We are often asked to provide possible solutions to our current situation as Europeans in relation to the obvious anti-white agenda that permeates academia, politics, the judiciary, media, entertainment, immigration policy and the demographic decline and cultural decay that comes with it. If the truth be told however, this is probably the most difficult of questions to address the reason being that if there was such an obvious answer, then we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place because the solutions would already have been found ...

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Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby

Originally posted March 5th 2015 You can ignore and deny who controls British politics, but it doesn’t change the fact that Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy is at play at the very heart of your so called ‘democracy’ using the power of the Kosher purse to influence your politicians to do the bidding of Jews and the state of Israel. This documentary delves deep into the web of secrecy, deception and treachery that pervades British politics. It exposes the undeniable Jewish financial domination of our nation, and to those ...

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