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Muslims Boycott School Dinners Because Halal Meat is Banned

Source Daily Mail ‘Thousands of Muslims are expected to boycott school meals in a county after its council became Britain’s first to ban halal beef and lamb from unstunned animals. ‘Some 27 schools across Lancashire serve meat from halal suppliers that do not stun animals before slaughter, including Church of England and Catholic schools. ‘Abdul Qureshi, chairman of Lancashire Council of Mosques, had said last month that Muslims would boycott school meals if the council banned non-stunned meat. ‘Mr Driver exempted poultry from the ban because stunning chickens ...

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The Politically Correct Hypocrisy

It is a common and ironic feature of a hypocritical narrative pushed by many so-called patriots and people who would identity themselves as being part of the counter-Jihad movement, when they rail against political correctness in one sentence, then defend themselves against the accusation of ‘racism’ in the very next sentence. They claim not to be kowtowing to the PC Brigade, yet are desperate to tell the world how they are not racist and won’t tolerate racism at their events and are outraged if anybody labels them as ...

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