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Demonising the White Working Class

The interests of the white working class people of Europe and the West are not to be found in the globalist & leftist imposition of multiculturalism, mass immigration and so-called diversity into their nations of which the white working class are the target. How can any ideology, political party or individual claim to support or represent the white working class when they support the very policies that harm them and which are pushed by an elite they supposedly oppose? The white working class have an identity that they ...

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What is Race Consciousness and why is it important?

Quite simply, race consciousness means the realisation by a race of people, that they have interests that are specific to them as a race. Race consiousness is an awareness of your place as part of a group whose identity stretches back for millennia. It is a realisation of the dangers that threaten you as part of that group, and which imperils the future for future generations of the group. Race consiousness applies to all races, and is not contradictorily referring to the white race alone simply because we ...

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