Tears and vigils will not save us from terrorism

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THE terror group Islamic State recently called on “Muslim brothers in Europe” to “attack infidels in their homes, their markets, their roads and their forums”.

That injunction is now being carried out on a pitiless scale.

A fortnight after the Manchester bombing, central London has been the scene of Islamist violence, leaving seven people dead and 48 injured.

According to eyewitness accounts, the three assailants screamed “this is for Allah” as they lashed out with their knives after deliberately crashing their van into pedestrians.

Our response to this butchery should be an overwhelming sense of anger and a determination to end the violence.

Yet the policy, pushed by both the state and much of the media, is to dampen down our indignation.

Every new act of Islamic terrorism is now followed by the same ritual: vigils, incantations of solidarity, Facebook tributes, lit-up buildings, expressions of sympathy from world leaders, and platitudes about “unity”.

But these pantomimes are not just meaningless, they are dangerous because they rob us of the ability to defend ourselves and retaliate against our enemies.

A pathetic comfort blanket of tears, tweets and tea-lights is central to the politics of denial where the public is not meant to question the revolution inflicted by mass immigration or challenge the import of an alien, primitive culture into our midst.

In this atmosphere of fatalism we are supposed to be steadfast in our passivity and resolute in our inaction.

We are being groomed to accept Islamic terrorism in the UK as normal. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan even said that these atrocities are “part and parcel” of modern urban life.

That is the attitude that runs through the establishment. Slaughter is regarded as the price we must pay for the joy of cultural diversity.

A key element of this cynical process of normalisation is the continual invocation of the Blitz spirit of the Second World War, led by cheery appeals to “keep calm and carry on”. But the parallel is absurd.

In 1940 there was a genuine sense of unity, forged by a shared national identity. Just as importantly, Winston Churchill’s government starkly spelt out the nature of the threat we faced from Germany and took heroic action against it.

There has been little such defiance from the British state against militant Islam.

As Theresa May admitted yesterday, there has been “far too much tolerance of extremism in our country”.

That tolerance has created a deadly situation where, as the Home Office admitted, there may be as many as 23,000 jihadi fanatics in Britain.

The security forces are handling at least 500 Islamist plots. What we need from the government is not words but deeds. Action has to be taken on two fronts, first in beefing up the fight against jihadism and second in breaking the culture that has allowed extremism to flourish.

The security forces have done a sterling job against Islamic terrorism, foiling 18 serious plots since June 2013. But, as recent events prove, they risk becoming overwhelmed by the sheer size of the jihadi problem.

MI5 has only 4,000 officers which makes it impossible to keep watch on a large number of suspects, given that every 24-hour surveillance operation requires around 25 operatives. The government should increase the resources for security services, if necessary by taking funds from the foreign aid budget.

After all the protection of the British public should have a higher priority than subsidies to foreign regimes. Even then, full surveillance will be difficult.

So ministers might consider introducing internment for the most dangerous radicals, as has been suggested by the former Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Tarique Ghaffur. Internment without trial, controversially used in Northern Ireland in early 1970s, has an ugly history but it might be a necessary emergency measure.

The government also needs to stop more jihadis coming into the country. That means excluding Muslims who have committed the treasonable offence of fighting for our enemies abroad. It also means cracking down on immigration from Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

In the last year, 264,000 non-EU migrants settled here, an unsustainable influx.

In the wake of every Islamic massacre, politicians blather that the terrorists will not “divide us”. But the reality is that, because of mass immigration and multiculturalism, we are already badly fragmented. We will only come together if our leaders have the guts to maintain our British way of life.

In practice, that will require a concerted effort to reverse the disastrous slide towards self-imposed Muslim segregation through Sharia courts, separatist schools and fundamentalist mosques. No doubt, the replacement of ghettoising multiculturalism by integration will provoke the usual cries of Islamophobia from self-appointed “community leaders”.

But we have pandered to this kind of divisive victimhood for too long.

The time for candles and cowardice is over.

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