The Communist Movement in Britain 

The Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) was founded in 1920 and officially affiliated with the Communist International Comintern. It was only dissolved in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Several splinter groups have emerged in its wake.

According to the book by Jewish author Jonathan Frankel, ‘studies in Contemporary Jewry’, Volume XX: Dark Times, Dire Decisions: Jews and Communism [Jonathan Frankel, (2005), Oxford University Press]:

“Throughout the era of Communism, Jews were both influential and disproportionately represented in Communist parties. The Communist Party of Great Britain was no exception to this. By the 1960s two out of the three most important positions in the party were held by Jews. In the 1940s, nearly a third of all district party secretaries were Jewish. By the early 1950s, between 7 and 10 percent of the Communist party’s activists (its cadres) were Jewish, even though Jews accounted for less than 1 percent of Britain’s national population. Almost all Jewish Communists came from an Eastern European immigrant background.”

Some of the more prominent Communist Jews involved with the CPGB included Zelda Kahan, Theodore Rothstein, Andrew Rothstein, Phil Piratin, Sam Aaronovitch, Sam Lesser, Hedi Stadlen, Sue Slipman, Dora Montefiore, Ivor Montagu, Anita Halpin, Monty Goldman and many, many more.

Some of these have also repackaged themselves and infiltrated social institutions. In general the party was made up of East End Jews and some gullible Gentiles from Industrial cities.

The Communist Gerry Gable and Other Jewish Supremacist “Anti-Fascists”

One of its more infamous members was the hyper-Jew Gerry Gable who presented himself to the compliant press as an “expert on the far right” in role as editor of the Searchlight “antifascist” magazine.

Searchlight is nothing but an extremist Communist Party front organisation, and Gable stood as a formal Communist Party candidate in London as early as 1962. He has kept his Communist Party affiliations and in 2008 was the guest speaker at a prominent Communist Party meeting in London. Almost all of the contributors to this “antifascist” publication are Jews, with the longtime far-leftist American Jew Leonard Zeskind serving as their U.S. correspondent.

Other prominent UK-based Jews involved with Searchlight include Ketlan Ossowski, and John P. Goldstein, who uses the pen-name “John P.” to try and hide his Jewishness. Also closely allied to Searchlight is the equally Jewish Southern Poverty Law Centre in Montgomery, Alabama, USA.

Needless to say, none of the Jewish “antifascists” ever have anything to say about the racist Zionist state of Israel, which outlaws marriages between Jews and non-Jews, and has racially-based immigration laws.

The Socialist Workers Party and Tony Cliff (Real Name Yigael Gluckstein)

Searchlight and Gable were closely involved with the setting up of the ‘Unite Against Fascism’ (UAF) organisation. The UAF’s other major component was the Socialist Workers Party (Britain) which was founded by the Israeli-born Communist Jew Tony Cliff, whose real name is Yigael Gluckstein (born in Israel).

Searchlight and Gable left the UAF after anti-Zionist Communists took control of its governing body. Gable is also a radical Zionist whose son served in the Israeli army, and thus objected to the anti-Israel stance, and, complaining about anti-Semitism, left the UAF in a huff.

– Source ‘Secret Behind Communism’ by Dr David Duke.

Despite the UAF having an anti-Israeli stance, they are still hardcore communists at their core and desire the destruction of Britain using all manner of deceptions to mask their true intentions. Their numbers are bolstered by the many naive and gullible students they can call upon who fall for the lies that the UAF spin. The UAF has been blighted by controversy with accusations of rape by one its most prominent former members Martin Smith. Read more about this Communist here:

This following article is a couple of years old but regardless it shows us how the web of anti-British Communist subversion works.

Unite Trade Union Emails Reveal Extent of Communist Party Network in Britain:
The leaked emails from senior Unite official and British Communist Party (BCP) executive member Graham Stevenson, as published by a daily newspaper, have revealed the full extent of how the extremist crank left has extended its influence throughout the establishment.

The emails show that the Unite trade union which fund the Labour Party and two anti-BNP groups, is “guided” by the BCP.

The overtly communist leadership of the Unite union also explains why they fund and support the UAF and Hope not Hate/Searchlight operations.
The UAF is under the leadership of Socialist Workers Party executive member Weyman Bennett and the Hope not Hate/Searchlight operation is under the leadership of Stalinist-era Communist Party candidate Gerry Gable (Jew).

According to the leaked emails, Unite funding is keeping the Labour Party afloat as the “millionaires have left” and this financial support will allow the hard left to “reclaim or refound” that party.

Mr Stevenson, who is national organiser of the transport section of Unite, boasted that the union is taking “strategic” direction from the BCP on the BA strike and the takeover of the Labour Party.
Unite has given Labour £11 million and saved it from bankruptcy. The trade union is also funding 148 Labour seats at the general election at a cost of £460,000.

Thirteen members of the Cabinet, including Gordon Brown, have received a total of £33,000 from Unite. It is also reported that 167 Labour MPs are members of Unite.

The web of communist influence extends out from Unite into the UAF and Hope not Hate/Searchlight.

Leaders of all three parliamentary parties — Tory, Labour and Lib Dems — are all signed up members of UAF. This includes Conservative leader David Cameron who personally signed the UAF’s founding charter.

Other signatories to the UAF organisation include David Seymour, political editor of the Daily Mirror; John Haylett, editor of the BCP’s Morning Star newspaper; Brendan Barber, TUC general secretary; Roger Lyons, TUC President and AMICUS Joint general secretary; Dave Prentis, UNISON general secretary; Tony Woodley, TGWU general secretary; Billy Hayes, CWU general secretary; Bill Connor, general secretary; USDAW; Andy Gilchrest, FBU general secretary; Adrian Askew, CONNECT general secretary; Bob Crow, RMT general secretary; Doug Nichols, CYWU general secretary; and National Union of Journalists General Secretary Jeremy Dear, amongst others.
All of these organisations are therefore formally subscribed to organisations which have militant Communists as leaders and who are subsidised by Unite which itself has now been revealed to be “guided” by the BCP.

The Hope not Hate/Searchlight operation, which tries to portray itself as the “respectable” face of the anti-BNP organisations, was, in fact, also a founding member of UAF.

This was perfectly logical as Hope not Hate/Searchlight’s leader, Gerry Gable, is a hard-core confirmed Communist who stood as a Communist Party candidate in Northfield Ward, Stamford Hill, North London in 1962 — at a time when the Soviet Union was actively engaging in the violent and anti-democratic suppression of Eastern Europe.

Prior to this, the Communist Gable worked as a junior writer on the Daily Worker newspaper, the official organ of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB). The Daily Worker was renamed the Morning Star in 1966.

Hope not Hate/Searchlight’s link to the UAF fell apart when the latter organisation adopted a pro-Palestinian/Muslim policy, which was at odds with Gable, who is Jewish and pro-Zionist.

The links with the Communist Party remained strong within Searchlight, and Gable was advertised as a speaker at a Communist Party social in 2008 — less than two years ago.

The close association of all these political parties in Westminster, trade unions, journalists, and violent street thugs, only makes sense when the involvement of the Communist Party is revealed.
Most people would have long since thought that Communism was dead after its spectacular and murderous failure in the Soviet Union.

The entrenched position of these hard-core Communists within the British establishment tells another story. Source

All of these groups hide behind the linguistic deceptions that lead ordinary white working class people to unwillingly accept their own cultural and ethnic demise. They oppose the nationalist message claiming to defend ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’, but what they are really defending is the displacement and demographic genocide of the indigenous British people, and manipulating the British people into believing that opposing mass immigration will lead to ‘gas chambers’ but never revealing that the ideology they espouse is the ideology guilty of the worst mass murder in human history. 

They tell the white working class that nationalists oppose them and want to divide them, when the reality is that the UAF divide the white working class via their support of mass immigration.

The UAF will be found at any event organised by nationalist groups, they attempt to attack and harass nationalists but soon turn tail when nationalists fight back using the police to protect them and encouraging them to arrest any nationalist who dares to stand up to them. Yes, a so called anti-police anti-establishment Communist group call on the police and establishment to target their political enemies.

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