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The ‘it’s okay to be white’ debate

There has emerged a conflicting argument about the ‘it’s okay to be white’ strategy of trying to wake our people up. Having thought about it I wanted to give my view of it.

For me, it isn’t about affirming that it’s okay to be white in the sense that whites should have to do that, we shouldn’t, but we don’t live in a society in which being white is seen as being okay and whether we like it or not as awakened Europeans, there are some of our fellow Europeans who do need reminding that its okay to be white and to be brought out of the matrix they have been living in which relentlessly attempts to guilt trip them and morally shame them.

Our people have undergone psychological conditioning over decades to hate themselves and if a mantra such as ‘it’s okay to be white’ gets them thinking differently and brings them to Nationalist material and viewpoints then it will have served its purpose.

Of course in a perfect society we wouldn’t need such mantra and memes, however we don’t live in a perfect society, we live in a swamp, a cesspit of Cultural Marxist indoctrination and degeneracy.

The ‘it’s okay to be white’ mantra is about counteracting enemy propaganda and guilt tripping that has inundated the minds of Europeans for years. It is a subtle reminder that what they are being told and taught is wrong, and that there is a counter-narrative that rejects the anti-white agenda.

The purpose of the mantra is to encourage the white person reading it to say to themselves that yes it is okay to be white and all of the anti-white propaganda that they are bombarded with is wrong, it encourages them to oppose it. It is encouraging them to stick two fingers up to the anti-white establishment. In essence the ‘it’s okay to be white’ meme is a red-pill for many. It is the first step on the road to awakening and eventually once awoken they will realise that we shouldn’t have to affirm that it’s okay to be white, but in the society we currently live in something very sinister is happening. Whites are demonised, shamed, guilt tripped, our ancestors scorned and whites are physically attacked for daring to speak out all of which amounts to psychological and physical abuse. In such a society sometimes people do need reminding that it’s okay to be white.

It isn’t supposed to be for the already awoken, it’s aimed at those who are not yet red-pilled. There are millions of our people who don’t think about things in terms of their group. They hear constant attacks upon them as a group, but never come out in defence of their group. I believe a great many of them know something is wrong and see that the future is a dystopian one. I believe many whites see what is going on, but fear speaking out for the possibility of losing their jobs, being labelled as ‘nazis’ etc and when they see a meme that says ‘it’s okay to be white’ then they know there are people who see what they see but who speak out against it. It draws them in and introduces them to an entirely different way of thinking.

The reason the mantra/meme has been so sucsessful is because whites have embraced it as a way in which they can show their opposition to anti-white establishment. If it helps to wake people up and gives them the confidence to start opposing what is happening then I don’t see the problem with it. If we lived in a society in which whites were in control of our own destiny and had confidence in ourselves as a group then of course it wouldn’t be needed, but we don’t, and so until we once again live in such a society then by all means at our disposal must we try and bring our people out of their drunken like stupor.



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