The Politically Correct Hypocrisy

It is a common and ironic feature of a hypocritical narrative pushed by many so-called patriots and people who would identity themselves as being part of the counter-Jihad movement, when they rail against political correctness in one sentence, then defend themselves against the accusation of ‘racism’ in the very next sentence.

They claim not to be kowtowing to the PC Brigade, yet are desperate to tell the world how they are not racist and won’t tolerate racism at their events and are outraged if anybody labels them as being racist. They play the PC game by feeling the need to state how un-racist they are and how they have non-whites on their demos etc. It is a form of virtue signalling that feels the need to repeatedly defend themselves against leftist accusations, and the need to appear morally virtuous by condemning ‘racism.’

These people – and there are many of them – speak about the dangers of Islam and the negative impact of mass Islamic immigration into the West, and of course they are right to do so. They are often demonised as being ‘Islamophobes’ and ‘racists’ and they don’t like the labels that are applied to them. They are the very first however, to label people as being anti-semites if they dare to mention or criticise another ethno-religious group and in so doing, use the very same labeling tactics that the left use against them when they criticise Islam.

It is apparently ok to speak of the dangers of Islam, but mention the negative and corrosive impact of you know who, and they all of a sudden hypocritically become outraged.

Defending yourself against the accusation of ‘racism’ because you criticise Islam, then labeling others as being racist and anti-semitic because they criticise Jews and mass immigration in its entirety, isn’t exactly consistent is it.

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