The War on Police Which They Themselves Don’t Quite Seem to Understand 

​We have often criticised the role of police forces in Western nations that enforce the nation, race and culture destroying policies of globalist politicians and their financial handlers. However there is a pattern emerging across the West which isn’t entirely new, but which is coming to prominence once again in the clash of civilisations being played out on our streets.

In America, the police have come in for incessant criticism and attack for a number of high profile shootings of blacks. There have been riots by the non-white population in which the police have been the main target with some even being gunned down in the street in revenge attacks by Black Lives Matter extremists. Nothing is mentioned of the extremely difficult and stressful job that they are doing in a forced multiracial society in which non-white crime including gun crime is off the scale and which is backed up by FBI crime statistics. Nothing is mentioned of the police casualties of gun crime or the levels of black on white crime, yet the police face the brunt of the media attacks and the anger of a non-white population whipped up into a frenzy of hatred against the police.

The agenda driven and controlled media pushes a narrative of ‘white racist police forces’ gunning down innocent blacks because they are ‘racist’ and there is no other possible explanation that is considered. This enrages the black community against the police and against whites in general leading to widespread civil disorder which is inflamed by the left and the media leading to police officers becoming the target of revenge attacks and innocent whites being attacked on the streets. With the election of Donald Trump, white people were being assaulted for having voted for him or for displaying pro-Trump hats or placards.

The same is now happening in France. There has been days of rioting in Paris by the non-white population and their treacherous leftist enablers over the supposed sexual assault of a young black man. I find this accusation to be highly dubious, however the same controlled media are pushing the same narrative and the same outcome has occurred, riots and targeting of the police by the immigrant population. This is no accident. The non-white population across the West are the militant arm of the Cultural Marxist agenda that dominates media. Ironically the police forces across the West are also controlled by an entirely Cultural Marxist hierarchy.

The police have a lot to answer for in relation to what they have facilitated in terms of the state enforcement of multiculturalism onto a gagged and intimidated native population fearful of arrest for speaking their minds. And it is quite staggering how they still don’t quite seem to get the fact that THEY to are the target of the non-white invasion and will one day as they are now be forced onto the front line to face the hostility of the non-white hordes. The difference being that what is happening now is nothing compared to what will come in the following decades. Will they ask themselves the question why did they enable the creation of this dystopian nightmare as the petrol bombs reign down upon them?

The non-whites are to be the new revolutionaries and the police will be the target. They enforce multiculturalism at the same time as being the targets and victims of it along with the rest of us. Their own interests do not lie in what the state has created and has asked them to enforce, their interests are with the native population who would defend them against the hostile immigrant population and their radical leftist allies.

A policeman in Sweden spoke openly about the immigrant crime wave in his own country and was accused of ‘racism.’ The police are repeatedly targeted by the immigrant population in Sweden yet still they fail to come out in support of this honest colleague of theirs for fear of being called a racist.

The police forces across the West need to understand one thing very quickly, it isn’t the native population of Western nations that are your enemy. When the Muslim grooming epidemic came to the public consciousness in the UK did the native population riot and attack the police? If any justification for this kind of action was warranted then it was the mass Muslim grooming all across the country of young white girls, but it didn’t happen despite the role of the police in allowing it to continue for fear of being labelled racist.

The riots in the UK after the shooting of Mark Duggan again erupted in the non-white community and the police were the target. The riots spread across the UK to other areas with high immigrant populations and it was the police who were the target of the murderous violence.

Going back to 1985 in London, a police officer was hacked to death on an estate populated by the immigrant community which had been rioting. The 80s being yet another decade of mass race riots across the country in which the police who have been asked to police these new communities have been attacked for doing their jobs. The accusation of ‘racism’ and ‘police brutality’ is an easy one to make because it justifies any response regardless of whether the accusation is true or not. I often ask myself whether the police do not see the future that is being created for their own children as well as ours. Surely they must, so why do they continue to be the bully boys of the state enforcing their will onto the majority?
What is happening is that the imported non-white population are being weaponised against the police just as they are against the native population.

They have been labelled as victims of the West, of the White man, of police brutality etc, and they are encouraged to vent their anger against all symbols of state authority and the foremost symbol of state authority is the police. When things really start to get violent, and they will, the police will be on the front line whilst their employers will be out of harms way demanding that the police enforce law and order and the continuation of enforced multiculturalism.

What we are seeing across the West, in America, France, Britain, Sweden etc are the beginnings of a militant insurrection that will come out of the immigrant and immigrant descended populations and it will be the police sent in to restore order.

The police forces across the West need to grasp the reality of the situation which is that they are pawns in the game, they are being used as enforcers of a criminal agenda in which their own children will also be put in severe danger. We need the police, but we need them to be on our side, against the corrupt establishment that uses them against the native population. At present they are part of the system that is engaged in the destruction of European and Western nations and have to be identified as such. The time will come when they realise that they have made a huge error of judgement in their facilitation and enforcement of multiculturalism, they are already beginning to see this on the streets of America, France, British and Sweden today amongst other nations.

If we go back only 50 years, the police were less visible, less militaristic, less politically motivated, because they were policing a significantly less criminal and homogeneous population. Now they are policing entirely different societies and are being led by politically motivated upper echelons of the forces.

When a major European city has to have armed police and military on the streets to protect its citizens and major landmarks from the products of state enforced multiculturalism then surely it is self-evident that multiculturalism is far from being enriching, beneficial or a strength. It is the greatest source of weakness for a nation and those that advocate it, support it and push for it are just as weak.

Homogeneity is a nations strength and where the police are concerned they need only look at the vastly different societies they are policing compared to their predecessors.