UKIP Leader on Cultural Marxism

Time for a revolution against the Marxists

POLITICAL correctness drives most of us mad – but how on earth did we end up like this in the first place?

In October 1917, Marxist Vladimir Lenin overthrew the Russian government heralding the beginning of 70 years of communism.


Many felt the revolution would spread to Western Europe to countries such as France and Germany. Thank God it didn’t.

In 1923 a group of depressed Marxist intellectuals gathered at Frankfurt am Main University in Germany to discuss the reasons why communism had not spread.

They concluded that they had to change the way people thought and communicated before western society was ready for it. They called this “Cultural Marxism”. This theory demanded that sympathisers indoctrinated the public by infiltrating the cultural institutions, including the media and universities.  

When Hitler and the Nazis came to power in 1933, this group of Marxist academics, by then known as the Frankfurt School, fled Germany and settled in the United States. And it was there where they were able to put their theory into practice.

The 1960s cultural revolution gave the Marxists the perfect vehicle to experiment with their theory. They clung to the coat-tails of the civil rights movement and cleverly stoked the anti-Vietnam War fire, even coining the famous phrase “Make Love, Not War”.

Cultural Marxism became popular on student campuses in the United States in the late Sixties and as with everything it eventually spread to Britain.

These days we know Cultural Marxism as “political correctness”. The same political correctness that prevented police from doing anything about Pakistani men using underage girls in Rotherham as sex slaves.

That ensures that in some prisons inmates are referred to as “service users”. That says we shouldn’t mention “Christmas” in case it offends other faiths. The one used by Far Left loons to call you a racist if you want to protect our borders, or a homophobe if you think that homosexuality should not be taught to five-year-olds in our schools.

And it’s the same political correctness that has given us so many second rate politicians through enforced women-only short lists and the “I know my rights” society. It ensures that we don’t complain when we’re unwittingly given halal meat through fear of being called an Islamophobe, or when frisked at an airport like a suspected terrorist, even though it’s bloody obvious you’re not.column 11022015

The cultural Marxists are winning. Over the past 30 years they have changed the way we speak and the way we think. They’ve made the downright nonsensical acceptable and common sense unacceptable or politically incorrect. We’ve got to fight back. We have to say enough is enough and that the sexual abuse of 1,400 girls in Rotherham should be the last straw.

I want to see a revolution in this country – a common sense revolution where we begin to say “no thanks” to the Cultural Marxist politically correct mind benders.