Why Violence and Retaliation Won’t Work

With the growing awareness of what is happening in Western nations and a rise in Nationalistic sentiment, it is of paramount importance that we don’t do anything that negatively impacts upon the wider movement.

We always have to be conscious of the fact that the enemies of our people love nothing more than Nationalists falling on the sword that they have provided. What the establishment fear is the intellectual Nationalist argument that resonates with working class people, what they don’t fear – and actually desire – is the Nationalist who gives them the opportunity to demonise Nationalism and the Nationalist message to the wider public.

The media and government want political violence to enact new laws and to make the Nationalist cause appear immoral in the eyes of the general public, something worthy of criminalisation. By doing this they weaken the appeal of Nationalism and criminalise political ideas that run counter to state narrative of diversity and multiculturalism. It is self-defeating for Nationalists to give them this opportunity on a plate with actions that do nothing to advance the cause in the long-term.

Do I believe there will be government agents pulling the strings and trying to lead the Nationalist movement astray? Possibly. In fact it is very likely. However I wouldn’t begin to suggest who and what tactics they use without having verifiable proof. There is no way that the government would allow the successful rise of a Nationalist organisation without trying to destroy its image and viability in the eyes of the public. The British National Party in the UK is a prime case in point of how a government can bring down a political party that genuinely threatens to upset the globalist apple cart. From being on the verge of huge political gains they all of a sudden became a political irrelevance almost overnight. I don’t believe that was just a coincidence, I believe the establishment were genuinely concerned about the growing popularity of the party and set about its ruination.

It also the case that just like any other political party or ideology, Nationalism attracts some people who will drag the movement through the mud because of their behaviour and their lack of self-control. Unable to see the bigger picture and unaware that how they present themselves represents Nationalism as a whole. We are fighting a uphill struggle as Nationalists already, the last thing we want is to make it anymore difficult for ourselves. This won’t be the result of government intrigue, but rather the result of individual stupidity that reflects badly on the majority.

Nationalism as an ideology seeks to appeal to the masses and has to realise that without the support of the public then we can’t succeed. We have to be representatives of the public, we have to have their mandate to lead them otherwise we are wasting our time. They have to see in Nationalism a viable political alternative capable in their eyes of real political change. We have to be appealing and respectable, honest and trustworthy.

When the public envisage somebody who they can look up to and who they would trust with their vote, they don’t want to see somebody engaged in violence, drunkenness, aggression, foul language or antagonising the police. They want somebody who can rise above all of that, above the traps set by the media and the left, and deliver the message in a rational manner. They want somebody who they can see as being one of them, somebody who may have made mistakes, but who understands them and acknowledges their fears, worries, hopes and wishes.

The public has to see Nationalism as a movement that represents them, their interests and the interests of their children and grandchildren. Unfortunately the public unwittingly swallows much of what the media force-feeds them and if that is a negative image of Nationalism brought on by ourselves, then how do we ever expect to progress?

We have to be their voice in a hostile political environment of state sponsored Marcusian Repressive Tolerance and a duplicitous media machine that feasts on an opportunity to portray Nationalism in as negative a light as possible.

Be the thinking Nationalist, the conscientious Nationalist, the idealistic Nationalist who can inspire others. Be what your country and people need, not something that they don’t.

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