Who’s Killing Us?

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Marxists of the 21st Century:

This great evil. Where does it come from? How’d it steal into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from? Who’s doin’ this? Who’s killin’ us?”

Europe 1920’s:

• The standard of living of workers in capitalism is improving.

• The Red Revolution succeeded only in Russia.

• People in the Soviet Union live under violence and poverty.

• The forecasts and ideas of old Marxists appeared to be wrong and utopian.

Paris, 1968:

Students are supporting Marxism, left radicalism is on the rise. May, 1968, Red Anarchists, Maoists and other leftists provoked a revolt; building barricades, burning cars, etc.

France refused these left radicals.
On the 30th May, 1968, over 400,000 citizens protested AGAINST the red radicals, the conservatives won in the elections.

The leftists realised that the nation wouldn’t support them, so they and their leaders escaped. They promised to return, with new strategies, new ideas and new slogans.

The young Marxists distanced themselves from the old communists and The New Left was born.

The old Marxists wanted to change society and seize power in revolution.

“The New Left” stopped supporting violent revolution and came up with a new strategy. Instead they started supporting immigrants, minorities, radical ekologism, egalitarianism.
They fought against “racism,” fascism, for human rights, for multiculturalism. With this new ideology “The New Left” is grabbing power in a democratic way.

For the New Leftists in the the West there was a great barrier, That old Christian, conservative and patriotic society had no sympathy with them.

So, the New Leftists decided to disrupt and break this society first:

• To destroy traditional values
• Nations
• Patriotism
• Traditional family
• Morality

Then they will overrule with their ideology and get the power.
These monstrous plans didn’t form only in the heads of street leftists:

At Frankfurt University worked a group of Jewish Marxist sociologists, who designed this new ideology for The New Left.

Marxists from the Frankfurt school created a devastating ideology, the goal of their ideology is to:

Create a psychological and cultural terror against Western white society using psychoanalysis, manipulation.Until they exterminate all patriotism, pride, European Christian cultural and traditional model of a family.

In practice, their ideology expresses itself like this:

He who shows a national pride tramples an oppressed minority. And thus he is a ‘Nazi’ extremist.

He who supports the traditional model of a family oppresses a homosexual minority. And thus he is a homophobic fascist.

Immigrants have the “RIGHT” to come to European countries. He who refuses multiculturalism oppresses an immigrants human rights. And thus he is a xenophobic racist.

He who has different ideas from New Leftism must be disqualified from public life.

Another Marxist philosopher called upon The New Left to:

“Long march through the institutions.” Antonio Gramsci

Meaning, to grab power slowly, democratically, to left leftists slowly occupy the education system, film industry, media, politics, to spread their ideology and overrule Europe using their propaganda, their law, quotas and restrictions.

It was the beginning of:

• Political correctness.
• Positive discrimination (Affirmative action) of minorities.
• Modern anti-fascism.
• Anti-racism.
• Multiculturalism.
• Human rights movements.
• Radical feminism.
• Homosexual rights movements.
• For drug legalisation.

Devastating ideas of the New Left are packed into modern “ideals” and attractive mottos.

Their ideology is enforced on the political sphere by leftists who reached powerful positions, they make new laws, and enable immigration:

José Manuel Barroso

35 years ago: radical leftist-Maoist

Today: President of the EU commission.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit (“Red Danny”)

In 1968: radical anarchist student leader.

Today: Chief of the Green Parties in the European parliament.

Hundreds of unknown EU officials in Brussels have influence in the creation of EU law, which invariably controls the majority of laws of the countries within the EU. They appoint each other, meet in secret and we cannot sack them, many of them are New Leftists.

Almost all big commercial media in the EU are the property of only a few international corporations, which are supporting multicultural propaganda.

The red Marxist revolution did not die with the fall of Communism, it has just changed its face, it lives and it is destroying us in a more effective and more malicious way.

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